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Field Trips

Learning Outside the Classroom

Each year, Kaiel Montessori goes on two field trips. In October, we go to Plumper Pumpkin Patch. At this field trip, families have the opportunity to listen to a pumpkin talk, view animals at the farm, play in a large outdoor play area, watch a pig race, and go for a hay ride. Each person gets to bring home a pumpkin and we get to enjoy a picnic lunch together at the end.


Sometime in the spring, we go on a field trip to the Historic Belmont Firehouse. This field trip is the culminating activity from our fire safety unit at school. Families have the opportunity to watch a fire safety video, tour the firehouse, ride in a fire truck simulator, and slide on a real fire pole. This field trip is followed by a lunch at Burgerville.


For field trips, families meet at the field trip location. The field trips are a great time for the Kaiel Montessori Community to gather together.

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