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Daily Schedule

Day to Day Activites 

8:15AM - Drop off begins.

8:30-9:45AM - Work Time.

This is a time for children to choose work independently. During this time, students are also met with individually or in small groups for language work and art projects.

9:45-10:00AM - Rug Time.

The whole group gathers on the rug to do calendar, talk about the weather, and do sharing time. Children have a designated day of the week that is their sharing day, and they get to bring something special from home to show to their friends. 

10:00-10:20AM - Snack Time.

The children all have jobs helping to set up for and clean up snack. Snack is provided by me and is the choice of fresh fruit and pretzels, or fresh fruit and graham crackers. 

10:20-11:00AM - Outside Play Time.

11:00-11:15AM - Second Rug Time.

During this rug time, we do a variety of games, songs, and language work together.

11:15-11:45AM - Lunch Time.

11:45-12:00PM - Getting ready to go home.

During this time, students clean up their lunches and we gather on the rug to get ready to go home. This includes passing out work children did throughout the day and reading stories together.


Enrichment Schedule


Enrichment is an opportunity for families who need care past noon, and is a great time for students to experience a full day of school more similar to what they will encounter when they move on from Kaiel Montessori for kindergarten.

12:00-12:45PM - Play Time in play area.

During this time, children have the opportunity to play with toys they only have access to during After Care or rainy day play time.

1:00-1:45PM - Outside Play Time.

2:00-2:15PM - Stories on the rug.

2:15-2:45PM - Snack Time.

Snack is provided by me and a different snack is served than during morning Snack Time.

2:45-3:15PM - Quiet Time.

During this time, the option of an art project is given that is different from work children have access to during the rest of the school day, or they can work quietly in the work area, or look at book on the rug. The lights are dimmed and quiet music is played.

3:15-3:30PM - Getting ready to go home.

We pass out work from the day, and pack up to go home!

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