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Fun & Creativity


Children have countless opportunities to explore with art. There are art materials always available to them with scissors, paper, glue, and coloring mediums. There is also a painting area, and an easel for larger-scale work. Special art projects are done frequently one-on-one with the teacher or in small groups.


Music is a big part of preschool life! We sing lots of fun, silly songs together that often involve motions, finger plays, and movement. We listen to soft, instrumental music during quiet time as well.


Movement happens in the classroom with the child’s ability to move from place to place to work, or walk around the classroom in order to complete a routine. Movement games are also played together as a group.


Language is present in much of what a child encounters throughout their school day. Even if a piece of work does not involve holding a writing instrument, it is often tuning their fine motor skills needed for writing. Work also is completed in an order that encourages left-to-right, top-to-bottom thinking, which is a pre-reading and pre-writing skill. Once a child is successfully holding a pencil, they are encouraged to practice writing their name each day.


Children are exposed to letter sounds from their very first day of school. Our sound cards are done every day as a group, and children are pulled aside to individually polish their skills in the “Look Mom, I’m Reading!” reading program.


Children are exposed to mathematics in the classroom beginning with their ability to meet their desire for order and precision. Multiple pieces of work help the child accomplish sorting and categorizing. Later on, higher-level mathematic materials are offered to the child to develop their mathematical mind.

Outside Play

Whether permitting, playing outside is always apart of the school day. Children have the opportunity to fine tune their-gross motor skills as well as participate in imaginative play together.

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