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Meet Robin Jones

Dedicated & Certified


Robin Jones


My name is Robin Jones and I am the Director and Head Teacher of Kaiel Montessori. Kaiel Montessori has a special place in my heart because it is the preschool I attended as a child. As I grew up I continued to stay close with my former preschool teacher, Colleen Kaiel, and always volunteered in the preschool’s summer program.  After graduating college, Colleen approached me about taking over the business. I was able to spend her last year of owning the business working side by side with her to learn the ropes. I have been the owner ever since and have loved being able to continue a legacy that made such an impact on my life.


I was born and raised in Portland and attended Concordia University in Portland and graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I also have a degree from the North American Montessori Center that I pursued in order to become as familiar with Montessori education as possible after deciding to take over the school. Through my Montessori training, I learned what a great model it is for educating the young child. It meets their individual needs, combines mixed ages in a classroom together, and creates a calm and caring learning space.


My husband, Chase, and I recently moved to Milwaukie and absolutely love it. When I’m not working, I enjoy catching up on my favorite TV shows (I am as opposite of a night owl as you can get and don’t often watch them when they’re on), spending time with my husband, and seeing family and friends.

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