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Reading Program

The "Look Mom, I'm Reading!" Program



Colleen Kaiel, the founder of Kaiel Montessori, created a language program called “Look Mom, I’m Reading!” that is still used in Kaiel Montessori to this day. The program is designed in a way that meets children where they are and allows them to have fun and build confidence in their reading skills. They begin by learning the phonetic sounds of each letter of the alphabet. Next, they begin blending three letter words and this is followed by reading in a book written for beginning readers. By the time children graduate from Kaiel Montessori, they are generally blending three letter words and reading in our book. 


The “Look Mom, I’m Reading” program also has take-home kits that I encourage each family to purchase. The materials are the exact same ones used in the classroom so that children are familiar with them at home. The kit comes with guides for instruction at home and allows home and the classroom to connect.

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